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Liverpool are eyeing Friend Group in the middle of Genoa.

Liverpool are keeping an eye on Genoa’s Danish midfielder Morten Friendrup. And will likely be pursued by many football clubs during the January market. The Liverpool Echo reports that Liverpool have been sending scouts to watch Friendrup’s form for a while now. Want a 22-year-old midfielder to

Rooney is unlikely to manage Birmingham for just 15 games.

Wayne Rooney will not escape being fired as manager of Birmingham because of the former England striker’s continued poor form. Sky Sports, a British media outlet reports that. Championship club Birmingham City are about to fire Rooney from his position as manager. This comes a day

6 main reasons to choose liposuction

Choosing food and Exercising together is considered good for reducing fat , but there will be some types of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Even though your weight is within the standard range, your figure is still out of proportion. Getting rid of stubborn fat is very difficult. In which liposuction can remove

7 tips for nourishing your hair

Healthy, thick, and shiny nourishing your hair is something that everyone wants to have. In order to have strong hair, you cannot rely on fate alone. But it requires good hair care as well. Today we would like to bring together some easy hair care tips that can

If taking an overdose What are the symptoms?

Drug overdose can be caused by accident. Including doing it intentionally as well An overdose is consuming more of a drug than prescribed by your doctor. Which, when ingested, may have a negative effect on health , including possibly leading to death So the matter of overdosing. Therefore, it is important to study