7 tips for nourishing your hair

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Healthy, thick, and shiny nourishing your hair is something that everyone wants to have. In order to have strong hair, you cannot rely on fate alone. But it requires good hair care as well. Today we would like to bring together some easy hair care tips that can be done before bed. If anyone wants to go to bed and wake up with beautiful hair as desired, don’t miss these hair care methods.

1. Wash your hair properly.

Let’s start with washing your hair. Washing your hair correctly will reduce the chance of hair breakage. In washing your hair in a hair-friendly way, that is. Hair should be washed with room temperature water. Not too warm or hot In addition, while washing your hair, you should not scratch or rub your scalp vigorously. But you should massage to relax the scalp. and stimulate better blood circulation Helps make hair strong. It doesn’t fall off easily either.

2. Treat your hair with a treatment. 

For people who wash their hair at night If you want to nourish your hair to be beautiful, you hardly need to do anything when you wake up. Nourishing with hair treatment in the final step of washing your hair. It will help lock in moisture and keep your hair from being frizzy after waking up. But don’t forget that after nourishing with the treatment, you should wash your hair thoroughly and blow dry your hair before going to bed.

3. Dry your hair before going to bed.

For people who like to wash their hair at night, drying their hair and blowing it with air is the most important thing, because while wet, the hair is especially weak. Sleeping with wet hair can cause it to fall out easily. Not only that, it may also cause fungus on the scalp. Therefore, if you are going to bed after washing your hair, it is best to dry your hair first.

4. Avoid heat and chemicals.

Heat is another main cause of hair damage. and ruined my hair So for anyone who likes to wash their hair before going to bed. If you want your hair to dry quickly, don’t even think about using a hot air dryer. But you should dry your hair with cool air. Or is it better to rely on the wind from a fan? Although it may make your hair dry a little more slowly. But it doesn’t hurt the hair.

5. Put on hair serum.

Nowadays, there are many hair serums available on the market. And they all have the properties of nourishing the hair. If you want to wear hair care serum then Before going to bed is the most suitable time. Because in addition to helping nourish the hair while we sleep, it also doesn’t make hair frizzy after waking up. However, you should apply serum sparingly. Because if you add too much, it may make your hair oily.

6. Comb your hair before bed.

Even though it’s time to go to bed But combing your hair properly before going to bed It is considered to help massage the scalp and stimulate blood circulation on the scalp. It also helps reduce the problem of tangled hair after waking up. This means you don’t have to exert effort in combing your hair to the point of increasing the risk of hair loss.

7. Head massage

Massaging your head before bed not only stimulates blood flow to the scalp. But it also helps with relaxation. Reduce stress as well. If stress is reduced, it will reduce the risk of hair loss problems. Because stress is the main cause of hair loss problems. So try massaging your scalp gently before going to bed, using your fingertips to massage in circular motions all over the scalp. This way you will feel more comfortable.

And here are 7 easy hair care tips that I’d like to recommend you do before bed. Anyone who is comfortable using any method can choose to use it. ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/