About “heart disease” that we may misunderstand of death

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Although at this time medical science has developed much progress. But what we still need to know is still unlimited. Especially the understanding of diseases that are born near the ” heart disease  in the past several centuries. Although there will be updates, discoveries about the pathogenesis, treatment, prevention, but not everyone will always turn to follow and pay attention to new information, Sanook! Health would like to raise take the information we may misunderstand each other about heart disease which some things are stories that have been told over and over Let’s hear it often. But who really knows? whether those things are wrong or right, good or bad, if accidentally misunderstood or made a mistake The patient may die at all. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

I have heart disease, what should I do, what should I not eat?

  • Patients with “heart disease” should not exercise.

When the patient has been diagnose with heart disease. This time, there may be hesitation that If we go back to living together vigorously return to vigorous activity as we are familiar with It would be dangerous to our hearts. But in reality,  sitting and sleeping does not do anything. Or not moving the body is more dangerous to the heart. Because proper exercise can help patients control risk factors that can affect the heart, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, so even small movements count as exercise. It also helps strengthen the heart muscle as well.

  • Elderly people “high blood pressure” is common.

If this is the case, I would not argue that it is not true. because when we grow older Blood pressure tends to rise as well. But it’s not something we can be assure that it’s normal. Because blood vessels tend to lose their elasticity with age. when the artery walls harden The heart has to work harder to pump blood in order to send it to the normal organs. In doing so, it can cause the heart muscle to deteriorate. While the artery walls have to bear more force from the heart’s increased pumping force. Therefore, the chances that the artery walls will be destroye and have fat deposits will increase as well. This is why blood pressure is an important risk factor for myocardial ischemia and stroke.