What good is MSG?

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MSG is harmful to the body Some say that if you eat a lot of it. Your hair will fall out, or if you have an allergic reaction to MSG, it’s even worse. But actually, MSG has benefits as well. What good is MSG? Let’s see.

1. Helps increase the appetite of the elderly.

Elderly people and grandchildren are starting to eat food that doesn’t taste good. This is because the taste buds begin to become less sensitive to taste than when they were young. As a result, many elderly people begin to experience anorexia and gradually become thinner and thinner UFABET  

An easy way to fix it. Just add a little MSG to food. It will make the elderly more aware of the “umami” or delicious, mellow taste of food. It helps to have more appetite.

2. Helps the stomach and salivary glands work better

In patients with gastric atrophy or salivary glands do not work well May cause dry saliva. and loss of appetite Adding umami flavor through MSG to food Therefore, it stimulates the patient’s appetite to eat more food. Eat food more deliciously.

3. Can help reduce the amount of sodium in food.

In people who are addicted to salty taste Cook with fish sauce or a lot of table salt To get the desired taste If you change to adding less table salt. Then add a little MSG. From research results, it has been found that the taste is delicious and equally pleasing. Therefore, adding a little to food It will help us add less table salt. without losing the taste