Manchester United survived to crush Palace 2-1.

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Manchester United survived a 2-1 home win over Crystal Palace. Despite being reduced to 10 men in the final 20 minutes after Casemiro was shown a direct red card.

English Premier League Football

Manchester United 2 – Crystal Palace 1

Stadium: Old Trafford

Starting the game just 7 minutes. Manchester United came to a penalty when the ball went to Will Hughes, raising his arm to block. The referee came out to check VAR and immediately returned to blow the foul. Before Bruno Fernandes did not miss the kill. The Red Devils lead 1-0.

The home team almost ran away in the 13th minute. UFABET Luke Shaw opened the ball for Waut Weghorst to head to Vicente Guaita. dropped the first pole

The Red Devils continued to attack in the 27th minute. Almost running away from Bruno Fernandes, giving Rashford a shot from the right. But Guaita saved the latter.

At the end of the first half, Crystal Palace seemed to have more chances to attack. In the 42nd minute, Jeffrey Schlupp shot from the front of the penalty area. But did not pass the hand of David de Gea.

The first half ended with Manchester United leading 1-0.

In the second half. The Red Devils escaped 2-0 in the 62nd minute from the moment. When Luke Shaw got the ball in the left penalty area. And opened it to the center for Marcus Rashford to stand and shoot into the goal.

In the 70th minute, Manchester United had to come down to 10 people from the moment when the players of both teams were in a skirmish. Then there was a signal from VAR asking the referee to check the sideline monitor and then showed Casemiro strangled Will Hughes.

Palace had a chance to break the egg in the 75th minute, Michael Olise opened a corner kick for Mark Kehi to head in, but de Gea still flew out after.

From this subsequent corner, Martinez headed the interception, then Check Doucure flicked the shot and Jeffrey Schlupp nudged it, changing the way of the ball under the crossbar into the goal, followed by Palace. come 1-2

At the end of the game, Palace, who had more body, went ahead and attacked hard. And there was a chance from Odsonne Edouard had a shot in front of the goal to block Martinez, then had another chance to head, but it went over the crossbar.

During the 6-minute stoppage time, the Red Devils still held the score, finishing the game with Manchester United defeating Crystal Palace 2-1.