PSG winner Toulouse 2-1.

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PSG had Lionel Messi score a second-half winner as they beat Toulouse 2-1 after falling behind. Causing them to lead the crowd away from Marseille. The second-ranked team to 8 points already. But playing more than 1 game football.

French Ligue Football
PSG 2 – Toulouse 1

Stadium: Parc des Princes

The game started only 14 minutes, PSG had to make the first change when the injured Portuguese midfielder Renato could not continue playing, had to send El Chadelle Bitchiabu down instead.

PSG had a chance to win in the 17th minute, Vitinha flowed the ball into the penalty area on the left side for Fabian Ruiz to run and press with the left. but the ball flew past the crossbar

But instead it was the visiting team that took the lead 1-0 in the 20th minute when they had a free kick in front of the penalty area, Branco van Bomen took charge of shooting through the wall. UFABET The ball bounced off the ground before hitting the right-hand post of Donnarumma, who stalled in the other direction, thus losing the right to save.

PSG almost got it again in the 34th minute. Messi kicked a corner for Marginhos to head the ball into the post. Danilo Pereira was repeated with the left in the penalty area. But throwing the ball out of the box is unbelievable.

Toulouse sent the ball into the net from a free kick in the 36th minute, Branco van Bomen opened for Zakaria Abukal to head the far post. but was captured before did not get the second goal 

After escaping from losing the second goal, PSG was on the receiving end of a 1-1 draw in the 38th minute. The ball floated and wiped the far post beautifully. Then the first half ended at this score.

The second half, in the 57th minute.

Was a chance to win PSG’s goal when Lionel Messi flowed the ball backwards for Danilo to shoot in front of the penalty area. The ball ricochets away from the away team player after it. 

A minute later, PSG successfully overtaken the 2-1 lead, Achraf Hakimi fed to find a rhythm to shoot in front of the penalty area before the ball spilled into Messi’s way, running to shoot with the left without touching. The ball curved and squeezed into the post beautifully. 

Toulouse almost equalized in the 68th minute, Fares Chaebi received the ball from Moussa Diarra before shining on the right from the left side of the penalty area. The ball hits the triangle just a step away. 

PSG almost got it again 2 minutes later. Lionel Messi received the ball from Nuno Mendes before pulling it to the front of the penalty area. Until he found a hole and then threw it with the left. but unfortunately the ball hit the crossbar.

Then at the end of the game, PSG beat Toulouse narrowly 2-1, temporarily moving away from Marseille to 8 points.