Ten Hag is not satisfied with Paul – VAR dismisses Casemiro.

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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has expressed his frustration with referees. And VAR after Casemiro was show a red card in their 2-1 win over Crystal Palace.

“When you’re down to 10 after a player has send off. And it was 2-1, you had to keep the score to win. The first 70 minutes were all for us. We can dominate the game Gotta give a big compliment to the team. We play with great energy and change the rhythm of possession of the ball. In the last 20 minutes we show we can fight. And there is spirit in the team” ten Hag said

When asked about Casemiro’s red card. The Dutchman said:

 “Such things must not happen on the pitch. It start with a bad foul. He can injure players. It’s a big risk. It was a surge of emotions from both sides. This happens often with players both pushing each other. And defending, Casemiro is protecting players from being add. Of course he was fired. And we weren’t happy with that situation at all. He take a risk. We all saw that. But for me there are different standards. At Palace two weeks ago there was an elbow and VAR did not see the Czechs. And in this situation he can be sent off more than any other player. If there is a standard then everyone who crosses the line is likely to be sent off, not just one person UFABET 

“It’s difficult when a team-mate can get injury like last week. We lost Christian Eriksen for a very bad foul. The team stands up for each other. And you need that to get results and success.”

United manager Marcel Sabitzer added: “He came on, he played very well and he understood the game and it was nice to see that.”