Brighton 1-2 Chelsea: Collected after the Premier League game

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Brighton 1-2 Chelsea: Collected after the Premier League game, the Lions’ match was very strong, running up to 6th place with a chance to win Europa League tickets.

Pretending to play, Chelsea came back strong at the end of the season, winning 4 games in a row. If the situation is favorable on Sunday, accidentally they will go to the UEFA Europa League next season. And here are many things. What can be seen from the game at The Amex Stadium?

Brighton at this time is similar โปรโมชั่น ufabet to West Ham United, their recent opponent. This of the Singha team (5-0) saying “Whatever”, the remaining program has no meaning. Either way, they will finish in the middle of the table 100%.

Moreover, the fact before this game is that even though Brighton were able to turn around.

Beat a solid team like Aston Villa 1-0 on 5 May, that was “only one victory” from the team’s last 8 Premier League games. gull

Cut a handsome suit and wait for it!

May be later than previous games. who always shoots very fast But even then, you don’t have to wait long.

In the 34th minute, Chelsea edged Brighton 1-0

Player of the Year for both the PFA and the Premier League will be difficult to win when Chelsea are not in the group competing for the championship. Or the top scorer’s position would have a percentage of just over 0 points from being 5 goals behind Erling Braut Haaland, good or bad in the season-ending match. This long-haired young man is going to shoot some more

light of hope

Until now, I can’t believe that Mauricio Pochettino still has problems with his strength not being at full strength. The players were piled up with injuries.

Since the first game Until the last game of the season is in sight.

In this match, there were approximately 5-6 players who couldn’t play for Chelsea — which is considered merciful. It has decreased from previous weeks or months.